Now is Our Time

Bernie Sanders has been clear that no President will be successful in fixing our nation’s problems unless WE get active and demand our elected officials in congress listen to the will of the People. Sanders supporters are not trying to elect a savior, we’re building a movement to make our government represent us. But I say we don’t have to wait. With the looming threat of the TPP, I don’t think we can afford to wait.

If you are reading this, you are probably already familiar with the TPA/TPP. But in case you are not, imagine NAFTA but exposed to gamma radiation. That’s the TPP. The TPA, or “fast track” gives the President the authority to negotiate the final terms of the TPP and present it to congress for an up or down vote, with no amendments and virtually no debate.

According to leaked documents (which is all you can read because it’s super secret, and you aren’t in the special club), here are some of the nasty things the TPP will do:

Ship more jobs overseas

Do you remember how NAFTA passed back in the mid-90s and resulted in hundreds of thousands of new jobs here in the US, ushering in a new golden age of prosperity for America workers? Yeah, me neither. NAFTA screwed American workers, cost us a million jobs, and suppressed wages. The TPP would be like that, but much larger and with green skin.

Break the Internet

According to the EFF some proposed sections of the TPP include regulation of Telecom companies among all participating nations. These regulations could destroy Net Neutrality on a global scale, and give Hollywood unchecked copyright enforcement powers.

Give up our sovereignty

The TPP binds the USA into something called “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” or ISDS. Aside from this acronym being suspiciously close to ISIS, this is bad because it would allow corporations to take governments to a special tribunal if a government’s laws adversely affect their profits. That’s right, if Mr Burns wants to dump some toxic sludge in the ocean to save a few bucks, and our government passes a law preventing that behavior, Mr Burns can sue us in this special court for cutting into his yacht budget. And Mr Burns would win too, because this “court” would be both judged and litigated by expensive corporate lawyer scumbags.

And guess who would end up paying the cost of such litigation? Taxpayers, that’s who. And since corporate America has somehow managed to convince us that any tax on big business is tyranny, they won’t be footing that bill. You and I will, either in more taxes on the middle class (property taxes, payroll taxes, etc) or in cuts to services like Medicaid and Medicare. How do I know that? Well, probably because the TPP would also:

Steal from Medicare

Want to know why it is so obvious the TPP will cause massive job loss? One of the provisions being discussed is to set aside 700 million dollars to retrain workers who find themselves replaced by a slave in a 3rd world country. And you know where they’re getting that money? They are going to take it from your grandmother’s medicine cabinet. That’s right, congress wants to take 700 million dollars out of Medicare and use it to retrain people who they expect to get canned as a result of this idiotic trade deal.

This is not a partisan issue either, at least not outside of Congress. If you are a conservative, keep in mind that the TPA means putting a lot of trust and power into Obama’s hands. And you should be outraged at the thought of Congress selling our sovereignty to a few multinationals. You really want Congress to pass Obamatrade? I didn’t think so.

This garbage has already passed the Senate, despite the objections of millions of Americans. The House is expected to vote on it Friday.

Is this still a democracy or not? Are we citizens or cattle? Are we just going to let these bastards get away with this? Are we a nation of secret laws written in secret rooms by corporate goons?

I say now is the time to use the power of our movement. Now is the time to make congress do our bidding, rather than that of a few giant transnational corporations. We have to make our voices heard.

You can start by signing this petition.

You can call Nancy Pelosi and tell her to get her head out of her ass.


You can find the contact info for your representative in congress here.

If that is too much work, you can just call 1-855-712-8441, put in your zip code, and get patched through to your representative. Tell them to vote NO on TPA, aka Fast Track.

You need to call these people, email them, fill out their contact forms, Tweet to them, post on their Facebook page, send them a fucking carrier pigeon, and tell them you’re not going to put up with this crap. They work for you, God Dammit, and they’d better start acting like it.


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