Social Media Links for the 28 Democrats Who Voted to Screw American Workers

Based on the list from The Daily Kos, I’ve put together a list of all the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the 28 Democrats who betrayed American workers by voting in favor of the TPA.

Let the Twitter shaming begin.


20 thoughts on “Social Media Links for the 28 Democrats Who Voted to Screw American Workers

  1. THANK you!!!!!! So very much for doing this, it is fantastic!!!!!!! WOW!!!! I will send a message to each one of them on facebook…This is super!!!! Nothing like calling these people out by name, so no more dark back room deals!!!!

  2. They are no better than Republicans they rather screw the people who hep build America now that they have enough money for themselves and their families

  3. NOW IT IS TIME CLEAN HOUSE PREPARE TO LOSE YOUR JOB SINCE YOU DON’T CARE IF WE LOSE OURS people are raving mad and are saying that they will vote you out what goes around comes around

  4. I won’t get a chance to vote against these traitors of the American worker since the people of my state voted for a republican. On the other hand I guess the voters get what they deserve.:

  5. “Vote the out” would be great! But … Did you see the nearly pure RED map after the midterms. Talk is cheap, but getting it done is another story. We are up against the most ignorant people in the USA, who VOTE, but are incapable of thinking. :(

  6. There is not one shred of evidence that trade deals caused our jobs to go to China. We have decreased the trade deficit under President Obama and he stands FOR workers, not against them. We have 130 trade deals currently and they are contracts with other nations to protect our citizens FROM other governments. Why is it so easy to think the President is trying to screw workers rather than the Republican Congress did not allow any legislation to create jobs and have created laws in the past that allowed the jobs to go to China?

    • Trade deals in principle do not necessarily cost jobs. But when trade deals do little to nothing to protect American workers, they do cost us jobs, and lead to stagnating wages.

      According to the Economic Policy institute:

      “Between 2001 and 2010, the trade deficit with China eliminated or displaced 2.8 million jobs, 1.9 million (69.2 percent) of which were in manufacturing. The 1.9 million manufacturing jobs eliminated or displaced due to trade with China represents nearly half of all U.S. manufacturing jobs lost or displaced between China’s entry into WTO and 2010.

      The 2.8 million jobs lost or displaced in all sectors include 453,100 jobs lost or displaced from 2008 to 2010 alone—even though imports from China and the rest of world collapsed in 2009. (Imports from China have since recovered and surpassed their peak in 2008.) The growing trade deficit with China has cost jobs in every congressional district, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.”

      If you think the TPP won’t cause more of the same, you’re deluding yourself.

    • Thanks John. I was actually going to make up a list just like this for the Senate, but looks like Daily Kos beat me too it.


  8. Americans are sick to death of technocratic secretive deals done on take-it-or-leave-it ultimatums without labor or green groups at the table. The fact is the approximately 75-80 corporate lobbyists were at the table and wrote the secret law while Obama and his crew to include Paul Ryan tried to pull a fast one on the American people. Americans are also sick of losing their jobs to outsourcing and having their factories being ripped from the soil and located overseas. Millions of jobs and lives ruined, yet the 1% crowd live in the their nice homes, not caring a wit for the working middle class in this country. It all comes down to greed and moral principals and character. Vote NO on TPP.

  9. put this on each of their sites for all the good it will do
    Traitors selling out our constitution, our law or ability to make law, and our jobs to the corporation. If we had another WW2 style of war we would lose because all our factory’s are in the country we would probably be fighting. We have no more industrial base or workers trained to work in them. You have made us venerable to war and I don’t think the country you would be fighting would be willing to sell you electronics to keep your tanks running. And worse of all you took our 50 dollar per hour jobs that I remember from the 70’s and gave them to country’s that employ children and slave labor and no workers health concerns. All this so all you Washington politicians could have a million dollar job doing nothing after your done selling our country to the 1%. People are waking up and you will be shown for what you are in history just like Hitler. Shame on all of you. The point being this country trade deals over the last 40 years has brought us so far down. equating to 1969 wages the average wage now should be 89k a year. People have no free time anymore and are struggling for a living. There is no more dreaming in this country like we had in the 60’s when we went to the moon.All the progressive ideas are coming out of other country’s because here we no longer have access to education unless your part of the 30% who could afford it which leaves a large amount of talented people stuck in menial jobs with no hope of a education. We are in the new age of the robber barons just like in our history who wants to take everything from everybody. If america doesn’t wake up to the bribery in Washington and bring back real people like Bernie this country is screwed. And not just Bernie because he won’t be able to do it on his own but the rest of the representatives and their bribes that don’t represent the people need to go

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