Votes, Not Funds, Determine Election Results

Listen to the MUSTN’TS, child,
Listen to the DON’TS
Listen to the SHOULDN’TS
Listen to the NEVER HAVES
Then listen close to me-
Anything can happen, child,

– Shel Silverstein

Anyone who supports Bernie Sanders has certainly heard or read something along the lines of “I like him, but he can’t win.”

This is exactly what corporate media wants you to believe. They frequently make such claims, and are often proven wrong.

The reason used to justify the claim that Bernie can’t win varies, but the one I find most disturbing is the issue of money. Hillary Clinton has a “War Chest”, millions of dollars just waiting to crush anyone who opposes her. Bernie won’t ever be able to raise enough funds to challenge her, so they say.

It’s as though we’ve come to believe that money is some kind of force of nature, irresistible and unstoppable. Once a candidate reaches some critical mass of wealth in comparison with their opponents the media tells us their victory to be as inescapable as the gravity of a black hole.

If we accept that view, then our democracy is truly dead.

I, for one, do not accept this view. Elections are determined by votes, not dollars. Yes, money can buy advertisements, which can influence who people will vote for. But it is votes, not dollars, that are counted in the end.

The media pundits have it wrong. The will of the people is the unstoppable force in a democracy, not money. All the advertising dollars in the world cannot can change the truth.

The truth is that Bernie has always fought for the average person. The truth is that the average American has been screwed over by a system that favors the elite. The truth is that all the other candidates are part of that system.

All Bernie Sanders has to do is make enough noise to wake people up and serve them a hot cup of truth coffee, and he will win.


2 thoughts on “Votes, Not Funds, Determine Election Results

  1. This is our chance to reclaim our democracy and create an ecologically peaceful and sustainable future!
    We must gather family, friends and community to support Bernie.
    “We are a movement, we move!”
    !All Our Relations!

  2. The Democrats use a proportional election system for their primaries, and money has less force in these systems. If only the Democrats would see the wisdom of advocating for proportional election systems for all of us.

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